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Weekend in Central Black Earth Region: it’ll get colder with scattered showers

  1. Climate

The heat wave is about to peak. On Friday afternoon, May 19, the mercury is expected to rise to +27°C in Voronezh, making it the warmest day since the beginning of spring. However, the weekend will not be so warm.


At the end of the week, the region will be on the southern periphery of an anticyclone. However, ‘southern’ does not always mean warm. Colder air will arrive in the Central Black Earth Region, and a slow-moving weather front will form.

As a result, it will get much colder, with the mercury to drop to +8…+13°C at night (down to +5°C in some areas) and to rise to +18…+23°C in the afternoon. Scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms are expected in the front area. As for precipitation, there will be a typical summer lottery associated with the development of convective clouds. As previously reported, the Central Black Earth Region has accumulated a large precipitation deficit since the beginning of May.

The unstable weather will continue early next week.

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