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Snowfall to bring third of month’s worth of precipitation to Irkutsk

  1. Climate

Three days have passed since the previous snowfall, and it is snowing again in Irkutsk. The city has been experiencing alternating spells of warm and cold weather. On Wednesday, May 17, the mercury rose to +20°C, and the very next day the temperature dropped to +10°C. It also snowed at night.


Friday, May 19, is likely to remain the coldest day since the beginning of the month. The temperature has not exceeded +5°C. There has been precipitation in the form of rain and snow as well as gusty northwesterly winds.

Heavy snow and rain are expected to bring a third of a month’s worth of precipitation overnight into Saturday. Snow cover will be restored in some areas. Real feel temperatures will be 3-4°C lower than the actual ones.

It will clear up on Sunday. The winds will weaken, with the mercury to rise to +17…+19°C.

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