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Rainy season begins in Moscow

  1. Climate

The first 20 days of May were dry, with Moscow receiving only 20 percent of a month’s worth of rain.

Now there is a rare weather situation. On the one hand, the atmospheric pressure is above normal. On the other hand, a lot of rain is expected. All of that is caused by a high cyclone and violent convection.


Powerful clouds will form in the sky, and there will be heavy showers. They will be intense and short and could be accompanied by thunderstorms. Moscow is expected to receive up to half a month’s worth of rain from Monday to Wednesday.

It will be not only wet but also warm with temperatures 2-4°C above normal. The mercury will drop to +11…+13°C at night and rise to +20°C in the afternoon.

The second half of the week will be drier and warmer. Daytime temperatures are expected to rise to +24…+26°C.

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