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Central Black Earth Region getting long-awaited rain

  1. Climate

Just like the first one, the second ten-day period of May turned out to be dry, with the Voronezh weather station recording zero rainfall, while the norm is 15mm. At the same time, the average temperature of the period (+16.1°C) was slightly above normal (+15.4°C).


The third ten-day period of the month will try to make up for the precipitation deficit. On Sunday, May 21, a thunderstorm broke out near Voronezh, and there was light rain. About 5mm of precipitation fell overnight into Monday.

The entire working week will see unstable weather with scattered showers, occasional thunderstorms, and strong gusty winds during thunderstorms. Precipitation will be distributed unevenly across the region. Some areas could receive half a month’s to a full month’s worth of rain during the working week. However, the intense precipitation will spare some places.

The mercury will drop to +10…+15°C at night and rise to +21…+26°C in the afternoon (up to +14…+19°C on Tuesday, May 23).

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