Weather in Central Black Earth Region: snow cover increasing

A North Atlantic cyclone has brought strong winds to the Central Black Earth Region. On Tuesday, February 11, winds gusted to 15-18 m/s almost everywhere. Precipitation in the form of snow and wet snow was observed in the weather front area. It spared only the eastern part of the region. Yesterday, the snow depth increased from 2cm to 7cm in Voronezh and reached 6-10cm in the Belgorod region. The mercury dropped to −3...-6 at night (up to −7...-8 in the east of the region), while daytime temperatures were above freezing.

In the middle of the week, the weather will be determined by a small wave cyclone from the southwest. It has formed over Ukraine and will go through the Central Black Earth Region from Wednesday to Thursday. On Friday, it will be over the Orenburg region. The Central Black Earth Region will see wet snow, snow, and occasional blizzard. Winds will change from southeasterly to northwesterly and may gust to 10-15 m/s. Until the end of the week, nighttime temperatures will range from −3 to −8, while daytime temperatures will be near-zero (up to −3 in some areas). An anticyclone from the south centered over Turkey will intensify before the weekend, but no significant precipitation and no strong winds are expected.


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