Warning! Moscow to face atmospheric pressure fluctuations and strong winds

The Russian winter has finally arrived. The weather turned chilly over the weekend. Saturday saw the lowest temperature since the beginning of winter, with the mercury dropping to −15 in the capital and to −20 in the Moscow region. In addition, the average daily temperature was back to normal and even slightly below normal for the first time this winter.

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But unfortunately, the cold spell was short-lived, and slight thaw returned on Sunday afternoon.
This week, the weather will be determined by a western disturbance from the Atlantic. At the beginning of the week, the heat will be brought by an active Atlantic storm that has already seriously hit Europe. But it will be considerably weaker when it comes to Russia, and it will bring strong winds and precipitation.
On Monday and Tuesday, winds may gust to 15-18 m/s in Moscow, and there will be moderate snow on Tuesday, while temperatures will be near-zero. The atmospheric pressure will be very low and is expected to drop to 728 mmHg on Tuesday.
Then, the winds will subside and the weather will stabilize. No significant precipitation is expected in the second half of the week. The atmospheric pressure will be back to normal and even 10 points above normal over the weekend. There will be no significant changes in temperature, but the mercury may drop below freezing at night over the weekend.


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