Mercury in Moscow drops to -15 for the first time this season

On February 8, VDNKh weather station recorded a temperature of −15 for the first time this season.
That night was chilly across the Moscow region. The mercury dropped to −17.0 in Mozhaysk, to −16.0 in Yegoryevsk, and to −14.7 in Kolomna. The lowest temperature and this season’s first 20-degree frost was recorded in Klin (-20.3).
It was chilly even in the center, on Balchug (-11.5), so there was no urban heat island effect.
The minimum temperature map shows that a cold wedge has covered entire European Russia.

Minimum temperatures on February 8, 2020. © Gismeteo
The mercury has dropped to −20 in the non-Black Earth Region and to −15 in the Central Black Earth Region and the Volga Region. Below freezing temperatures have been recorded even on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus.


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