Weather in Moscow: change in course of winter or just a cold snap?

The long-awaited winter came to Moscow over the first weekend after the New Year holidays. The city turned white on Saturday, January 11. Weather stations recorded the greatest snow depth since the beginning of the season (7cm). The southern part of the region had between 13 and 17 cm of snow.

It got colder overnight into Sunday, January 12. Moscow had this year’s lowest temperature (-6.0). It was really cold in the Moscow region at night (-10...-12). But will this be winter’s turning point?
Unfortunately, on Monday, January 13, Moscow will be hit by another heatwave. The snow will melt away since the mercury will rise to +3 and challenge the absolute heat record for the day (+3.7) set in 2005). Instead of the usual snow for the Old New Year, it will rain.
It will be very warm in Moscow through the week . The positive anomaly of the average daily temperature will reach 9-11 degrees.


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