Cyclone is approaching Kamchatka and Kuril Islands; snowfall and gale-force winds are expected

According to weather forecasts, a cyclone is moving towards the Kamchatka Peninsula from the Sea of Okhotsk. Southern Kamchatka will be under its influence on Tuesday, December 3. One day later, the atmospheric vortex will spoil the weather in the north of the region.

Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Elizovo, and Vilyuchinsk will be hit by heavy snowfall accompanied by gale-force winds. The cyclone will have the greatest impact on the southwest coast of the region, and the wind speed there may reach 28-33 meters per second. Winds gusting to 25 meters per second are expected in the capital.
On Tuesday, heavy snow is expected in the region and gale-force winds on the coasts. Bad weather in the north of the peninsula will continue on Wednesday, but the cyclone will weaken by Thursday. In the south, precipitation will stop by Wednesday, and winds will gradually subside.
The cyclone will not spare the Kuril Islands: hurricane-force winds (up to 39 m/s) and heavy snow are expected in Severo-Kurilsk.
According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, heavy snowfall will limit visibility on the roads, which can cause traffic issues. Rescuers will be put on high alert.


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