Southern Russia to experience almost summer heat after winter cold

Last week, South European Russia was tested by cold and sometimes very cold weather. Below freezing nighttime temperatures were recorded across the region, and over the weekend, the mercury dropped to −9 at night in some parts of the Stavropol region and to −12 in the Astrakhan region, and these are quite serious frosts.
But after a warning from the approaching winter, autumn changed its mood dramatically. Crimeans were the first to feel the heat from the Mediterranean, and for two days in a row, some weather stations on the peninsula recorded temperatures exceeding +20. Long gone summer returned to Kuban, and on November 6, the mercury in Krasnodar rose to +23.

The heat has covered the entire region, and warm weather will continue at least through the week. Daytime temperatures are projected at +16...+19 (up to +21...+24 in some parts of Crimea and the Krasnodar region).
The weather will be the anticyclonic — it will be sunny and dry.


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