Weather in Central Black Earth Region returns to record-breaking heat

Pre-winter weather was observed in the Central Black Earth Region over the weekend. The mercury in Voronezh fell to −2...-3 at night, it snowed in some areas, but light and fluffy snow melted away and there was no snow cover. Winds occasionally gusted to 10-15 m/s.

The heat returned on November 4. The air mass from the southwest began to displace frost to the east of the region, and in the afternoon, the mercury in Voronezh rose to +7, with the next two nights seeing above freezing temperatures (+3...+5).
November intends to set new heat records this week. The air from the Mediterranean Sea will bring back September values. Nighttime temperatures in Voronezh are projected at +12...+15 and daytime temperatures at +5...+8 (or even higher). The warm spell will be accompanied by southerly winds. It rained at the beginning of the working week, and occasional rain will continue through the week.


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