October surprises — Central Black Earth Region hit by heavy rains and thunderstorms

Over the weekend, two active cyclones went through the Central Black Earth Region. Regional weather stations recorded heavy rains, thunderstorms, including night ones, which are rare for October, and winds gusting to 14-19 m/s. In Voronezh, heavy rains accompanied by thunderstorms were recorded at night. The city had 23mm of precipitation overnight into Saturday and 19mm overnight into Sunday. The weekend brought a total of 43mm of moisture — almost entire monthly rainfall for October.
Night precipitation on October 5, 2019. © Gismeteo
Daily precipitation on October 5, 2019. © Gismeteo
The heaviest rains were observed overnight into Sunday, October 6, in the Belgorod region (36mm in Bogoroditskoe) and the Lipetsk region (40mm in Yelets and Kon-Kolodez each).
Night precipitation on October 6, 2019. © Gismeteo
Arctic air spread to the Central Black Earth Region in the rear of the second, Balkan cyclone. It was very cold in the first half of the week, with daytime temperatures ranging from +6 to +9 and nighttime temperatures hovering around zero in Voronezh (up to −3 in the Voronezh region). In the second half of the week, the atmospheric situation will change under the influence of a large Atlantic cyclone. The mercury will rise to +5...+8 at night and to +12...+15 in the afternoon. There is a chance of rain at the end of the week due to the Atlantic cyclone’s fronts.


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