Weather in Moscow: wet snow to be replaced by warm spell

A southern cyclone brought bad weather to Moscow. It passed east of Moscow and caused a cold snap and heavy precipitation in the form of wet snow and rain. On Sunday, Moscow and the Moscow region had 30 percent of a month’s worth of precipitation.
A temporary snow cover formed in some areas. On Monday morning, the snow depth reached 5cm in Pavlovsky Posad, 4cm in Kashira, and 1cm in Naro-Fominsk.
Wet snow was accompanied by strong northerly winds and low temperatures. Sunday saw the lowest average daily temperature since the beginning of the season (+3), which is more typical for late October.
At the beginning of the week, the weather remained unstable and cold. A tropospheric trough caused occasional precipitation. Nighttime temperatures were near zero, and in the afternoon, the mercury rose to +4...+6.
The western processes are now intensifying in the atmosphere. Atlantic air will bring a warm spell and moderate rains.
Temperatures will be back to normal and even above normal. In the second half of the week, night lows will rise to +3...+6, and daily highs will reach +9...+13.


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