Weather in Moscow: summer to return after breath of autumn

The breath of autumn is becoming more obvious. Thus, on the morning of August 12, the first frost (-0.3) was recorded in Poshekhonye (the northern Yaroslavl region). Temperatures in the Moscow region were also close to the dangerous line, with Cherusti weather station recording a temperature of +1.8.
As you know, we cannot argue with the calendar. According to climate scenarios, the average daily temperature drops below +15 in the last five days of the month. Thus, we have a couple of weeks left before the beginning of the meteorological autumn.
But that’s all the more reason for us to cherish the warm summer weather in the coming days. Yes, nature is not greedy and is paying its debts. This week, the mercury will rise to over +20 in the afternoon. From Tuesday to Thursday, temperatures may even reach +25. It is likely to be the warmest period of August.
However, due to the proximity of a high frontal zone, the summer heat does not necessarily mean clear weather. The passage of a series of wave cyclones may be accompanied by heavy rains and thunderstorms.
As previously reported, August began with cold wet weather. So far, the month’s average temperature has been almost 4 degrees below normal, and August has seen more than half of the monthly norm of precipitation.


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