Storm cyclone in Moscow: first results and prospects

The weather was affected by the season’s first storm cyclone. On the night of August 9, Moscow saw between 15% and 30% of the monthly norm of precipitation.
Surface pressure field, precipitation area, and winds, 12:00 Moscow time, August 9, 2019. © Gismeteo
Heavy rains stopped in the morning, but the winds continued to increase. At noon, weather stations recorded gusts of up to 21 m/s.
The deep cyclone’s center was in close proximity to Moscow. The atmospheric pressure was very low at night (732 mmHg) but then began to grow.
The storm cyclone did not stay long in Moscow. The winds were over by Friday night.
On Saturday, the weather remained chilly and windy. The temperature did not exceed +19, and winds gusted to 15 m/s. Some areas saw occasional rains.
It cleared up in Moscow on Sunday, and the mercury rose to +23.


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© Gismeteo