Floods replaced by wildfires in South Eastern Siberia

The Irkutsk region has not yet recovered from floods, and not it has been hit by wildfires. A state of emergency has been declared in several districts of the Irkutsk region.
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The first ten days of July were hot, compared to the rainy second half of June. Since the beginning of the month, the mercury in the north of the Irkutsk region has risen to +37 (+36.7 in Chervyanka, +36.0 in Mama, +35.8 in Erbogachen, and +35.6 in Ust-Kut). As for the Buryat Republic, the maximum temperature for the first ten-day period of the month was recorded in Novoselenginsk (+34.5) and Mukhorshibir (+34.2). The highest temperatures in the Zabaykalsky region were observed in Priargunsk (+33.3) and Krasny Chikoy (+32.8).
The maximum temperatures in Irkutsk were recorded on July 8 (+31.0) and July 10 (+30.3). The mercury rose to +33.8 in Ulan-Ude on July 9 and to +31.6 in Chita on July 10.
Maximum temperatures in South Eastern Siberia on July 10, 2019. © Gismeteo
The weather is moderately warm at Lake Baikal, with temperatures ranging from +20 to +25. On July 10, the daytime temperature stood at +20 in Olkhon Island, at +19 in Kultuk, at +21 in Baykalsk, at +18 in the Ushkan Islands, and at +24 in Nizhneangarsk.
Hot weather with temperatures of up to +34 will remain in the region until the end of the working week. On Thursday, the western part of the Irkutsk region saw heavy rains, and they will spread across the region in the following days. There will be thunderstorms, and northwesterly winds will gust to 13-18 m/s.


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