Central Black Earth Region to have chilly and unstable weather

This summer has mixed things up in Voronezh. It brought beach (dry and hot) weather in June, while July has been chilly and wet so far. Statistics speak volumes: Voronezh had 32mm of precipitation on Monday, July 8, and 21mm on Tuesday. The total amount of moisture over two days (53mm) makes up two thirds of the norm for July (73mm).
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The moisture was brought to the capital of the Central Black Earth Region by a weather front with waves (it rained all day long). The front section was followed by cumulonimbus clouds. On Monday, precipitation was evenly distributed, while on Tuesday afternoon, the northern part of the city was hit by a thunderstorm, heavy rains (11mm of precipitation), squalls (winds gusted to 16 m/s), and a small hail (up to 3mm across). In addition, at 3 p.m., the temperature at the weather station dropped by 10 degrees from +21.3 to +11.6.
The weather in the region will remain chilly and unstable until the end of the week. The prevailing nighttime temperature is projected at +10...+15 and daytime temperature at +18...+23. There is a chance of occasional rains and thunderstorms (amid increased winds). Some areas may see hail and morning fog.


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