Weather in Moscow: July lacks warm days

The first long cold spell has come to an end in Moscow. It brought windy weather rather than low temperatures. Last week, westerly winds gusted to 15 m/s.
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According to the long-term forecast, warm summer weather will return to Moscow during the last ten days of July. In the meantime, residents of the capital and the region will see another cold spell but less windy and a little warmer. The prevailing daytime temperature is projected at around +20. Other than that, there will be no significant progress.
Summer will continue to raise complaints under the influence of a high cyclone. The weather will remain unstable: mostly cloudy, with frequent light rains and low atmospheric pressure.
Monday was the warmest day of the week (+20...+23), while Sunday will be the coldest (+16...+19). Most of the rainfall will be recorded on Thursday (up to 4-7mm). Low atmospheric pressure is expected on Wednesday (736 mmHg).


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