Temperature contrasts in Southeast Siberia

Hot weather has been observed in Southeast Siberia. On June 10, 2019, the mercury rose to +30 in the afternoon. The maximum air temperature was recorded in the Upper Lena and northeast regions of the Irkutsk region. Temeratures reached +34.6 in Zhigalovo, +34.4 in Orling, +33.8 in Karam, +33.4 in Ust-Kut. The mercury rose to +28.7 in Irkutsk and to +31.4 in Angarsk.
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Temperatures exceeded +30 in the Buryat Republic: +34.0 in Khorinsk, +33.8 in Novya Kurba, and +33.6 in Ulan-Ude.
Maximum temperature in Southeast Siberia and around Lake Baikal on June 10, 2019. © Gismeteo
Large temperature gradients are observed between Lake Baikal and the surrounding areas. There is up to 20-degree difference in air temperature. Such contrasts are typical for June, when Baikal has not warmed up yet. According to observations, at the end of the first ten days of the month, daytime temperatures on Lake Baikal ranged from +13 to +18. As for the southern part of the lake, the temperature stood at +13.3 in Kultuk, at +15.4 in Baykalsk, and at +16.1 in Tankhoy. In the middle of the lake, the mercury rose to +16.8 in Khuzhir, to +18.4 in Uzury, and to +15.5 in Solnechnaya. The mercury rose to +26...+29 in Babushkin, Ust-Barguzin and in the northern part of the lake in Nizhneangarsk.


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