Rospotrebnadzor’s tips to protect yourself from abnormal heat

Many Russian regions have been experiencing abnormally hot weather. Temperatures are rising, and people start feeling under the weather. Heat affects mostly children and elderly people.
Here are Rosportebnadzor’s tips to survive heat without harming their health.
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1. Don’t spend much time outside and minimize physical activity.
2. Ensure proper ventilation at home and use air cooling devices (fans, air conditioners).
3. Wear light-colored clothing, hats, and sunglasses and use umbrellas while outside.
4. Eat light and avoid heavy food, replace meat with fish and seafood, and follow food processing and storage rules.
5. Consume a large amount of water, tea and still drinks and avoid carbonated, sweet, energy and alcoholic drinks.
6. Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.
7. Take a cool shower during the day.
8. Reduce the amount of time spent in vehicles.
9. Avoid crowds and go to air conditioned places.
10. Swim only in designated places and follow the safety rules.


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