Weather in Moscow: spring is around the corner

Climatic winter is coming to an end. Its reign is almost over. Spring is rushing in, and over the weekend, the average daily temperature is expected to be above freezing.
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Meanwhile, judging by the actual weather, winter is not going to give up. It snowed, and night frosts returned. Overnight into Wednesday, the mercury fell to −5...-8. The temperature reached −16...-18 in the neighboring northern regions.
There was another chilly night. Overnight into Thursday, it cleared up, there was light wind, and the Arctic air cooled down to −9...-11. But winter is angry for a reason. This will be its last cold shot.
In the following days, the weather will be affected by heat waves from the Atlantic. It will be cloudy, there will be precipitation, and southwesterly winds will increase.
Temperatures will be slightly below freezing at night and above freezing during the day. Rising daytime temperatures will soon make the average daily temperature above freezing.
Climatic winter usually lasts until the end of March, but this year, it will be a couple of weeks shorter.


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