Drop in temperature and heavy precipitation expected in South European Russia

The rapid spread of cold air from Greenland to the south has intensified high-altitude frontal zone in South European Russia. The contrast cold front is accompanied by heavy precipitation. Gusty winds have been recorded in some areas.
Night precipitation on March 13, 2019. © Gismeteo
On the night of March 13, the Rostov region and the south of the Volgograd region saw precipitation in the form of rain and wet snow. Several weather stations recorded wet snow build-up on wires and trees, with a 7cm snow cover forming in some places.
Snow depth on March 13, 2019. © Gismeteo
Rain and wet snow were observed in some areas of the Crimean Peninsula. It grew significantly colder throughout Crimea. On March 13, the Black Sea Coast near Sochi and Tuapse saw heavy rains with occasional thunderstorms.
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An anticyclone from the west is gradually displacing the atmospheric front to the east. There will be no precipitation in the region on Thursday. But before the weekend, cyclones will seize the initiative: the weather will become unstable with occasional rains in the south (except for the Crimean Peninsula) and the north of the territory, while wet snow and rain are expected in the north.
The real spring will return to the south early next week.


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