Weather in Central Black Earth Region remains unstable

Atmospheric processes over European Russia continue to change rapidly, and weather changes accordingly. Thus, the beginning of the week was warm and windy in the Central Black Earth Region. It rained a little on Monday. On Tuesday, as cold air spread to the region from Greenland, rain started mixing with snow. Overnight into Wednesday, the temperature dropped below freezing.
Minimum temperature on March 13, 2019. © Gismeteo
In the middle of the week, a small anticyclone from the southwest will bring calm, mostly sunny weather without significant precipitation. Daytime temperature in Voronezh is projected at +1...+4 and nighttime temperature at −5...-8 (up to −11 in the region). However, due to the influence of cyclones from the North Atlantic and the Mediterranean, the anticyclone will not stay long and will head to the Volga Region. At the end of the week, it will be windy in the Central Black Earth Region, there will be precipitation (wet snow and rain), and the mercury will rise significantly.


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