Killer whales and belugas to spend a few more months in ‘whale jail’

We have repeatedly addressed this issue. 11 killer whales and 90 belugas were held captive in cruel conditions (cramped, dirty cages) near Nakhodka in the Primorsky region. The animals were caught for further illegal transportation to China. It is unclear what fate would have awaited the mammals if the story had not been given wide publicity. President Vladimir Putin took the case under his personal control, the Prosecutor’s Office conducted an investigation, and Hollywood star signed a petition to release killer whales from the ‘whale jail’.
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On March 12, experts held a meeting to assess the condition of the animals and develop a plan for their further maintenance and adaptation. Environmentalists came to the conclusion that belugas were not yet ready to be released, because for a long time they were trained to perform in front of people, got used to them and most likely lost their skills of getting food on their own.
Scientists have decided to rehabilitate them in Srednyaya Bay for a few months (presumably until June or July), as the animals are not ready to be transported to Russky Island as previously planned. Until then, the marine mammals will be under the supervision of experts.


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