Sea level to rise by 10 meters

Sea level has been rising. It may rise by one meter by the end of this century and by ten meters by the end of the next century. This was reported by Climate Program Coordinator at World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia, Alexey Kokorin.
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He also said that sea level rise would be uneven. «It will be one and a half meters in the tropics, and two times less — 50 centimeters — in the middle latitudes and in the north,» RIA Novosti quoted the expert as saying. The difference in sea level rise will be partially due to the movement of tectonic plates.
According to Kokorin, sea level rise will affect St. Petersburg, cities in the bays of the Black and Azov Seas, as well as Yamal. The Caspian Sea and the Far East, on the contrary, are out of danger.
A study published in the Nature journal also predicts Greenland and Antarctic ice melting that will affect sea level. The fastest sea level rise is expected to occur between 2065 and 2075.


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