Mendeleev’s periodic law no longer works

Mendeleev’s periodic law no longer works, Lenta reports citing Yuri Oganessian from the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, Russia.
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The fundamental rule states that properties of elements are periodic functions of their atomic weight. However, the law cannot be applied to the 112th chemical element (copernicium).
According to the law, properties of copernicium should be similar to properties of liquid metals. But experiments show that copernicium has little in common with mercury, gallium, caesium, and francium. Liquid metals lose stability at +160 degrees Celsius, while copernicium alloy does it at zero.
Oganessian is sure that elements with subsequent atomic numbers will not comply with Mendeleev’s periodic law. Thus, the scientist says that properties of the 114th element, flerovium, are even more different from those of lead.
118 chemical elements have been identified as of today. The latest (118th) element was named after Oganessian — oganesson.


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