Warning! Southern cyclone approaching Crimea

A deep tropospheric ridge that spread in the south-west direction from the cold Kara Sea to the warm Mediterranean Sea, causes active cyclogenesis over Europe.On January 10, the cyclone that formed over Italy has been moving east and northeast. Tomorrow, the atmospheric vortex will bring adverse weather events to Crimea.
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Because of that, a storm warning has been issued for the peninsula. Some areas may see heavy and very heavy precipitation (mostly rains) and fog, while other areas will face glaze ice and hard rime and winds gusting to 20-25 m/s. The temperature will rise to 0...+5°C. On January 11-12, the weakening cyclone will bring precipitation (sometimes heavy) to the territory of the Krasnodar region. Snowfalls are expected in the Rostov and Volgograd regions and the Central Black Earth Region.
From January 13 to 14, wet and windy weather in European Russia will be promoted by a large cyclone from the North Atlantic.


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