Weather in Central Black Earth Region: frosts to be replaced by snow and rise in temperature

The sky in Voronezh was overcast during the New Year’s weekend, and the long-awaited sun came out only on Orthodox Christmas. The temperature showed a significant positive anomaly, expect the cold start and even colder ending. Snow abundance (the snow depth in Voronezh reached about 40cm) and slightly below freezing temperatures promoted all kinds of outdoor activities from traditional winter sports to ice fishing.
People spending time at the pond during the holiday season in the Voronezh region in January 2019. © Gismeteo
But it wasn’t long before frosts arrived. The night of January 8 was the coldest since the beginning of winter, with the temperature in Voronezh standing at −16 and in Borisoglebsk at −21. Due to the low temperature, some areas saw frost smoke. Hard rime was observed on grass and trees, and it looked like a winter wonderland.
Winter wonderland in the Voronezh region on January 8, 2019. © Gismeteo
Winter wonderland in the Voronezh region on January 8, 2019. © Gismeteo
Hard rime in the Voronezh region on January 8, 2019. © Gismeteo
The cold subsided at the beginning of the short working week. Over the weekend, the temperature is projected at −3...-6. Temperatures in some areas of the Central Black Earth Region may increase, and there will be a thaw. Cyclones will intensify: the region will be under the influence of a small southern cyclone on Friday and will be affected by a large North Atlantic atmospheric vortex over the weekend. Precipitation will fall in the form of snow. At the end of the week, winds will increase, and there is a chance of blizzards.


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