Star trails over Everest: photo from base camp

Although most photographers believe that there is nothing to shoot after sunset, as the moon is the only bright source of light, the resulting photos turn out to be amazing. After all, things that can be photographed at night, are often impossible to see with your own eyes. Night photography is the most difficult type of landscape photography, because it requires long exposure and good camera optics, as well as a tripod.
© Jeff Dai | TWAN
In this image, the highest mountain peak on planet Earth is framed by night landscape and star trails. It was taken on September 30 at an Everest Base Camp using a tripod. A total of 240 sequential exposures were made over 1.5 hours.
Reflecting the planet’s daily rotation on its axis, stars move along concentric arcs. The color of the trails actually indicates the temperature of the stars — hotter stars are bluish, while the stars that are cooler than the sun are yellow and reddish.


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