Christmas tree made of gold set up in Germany

Europe’s most expensive Christmas tree has been set up in Munich. Its cost is estimated at more than 2.3 million euros.
The golden Christmas tree has been set up in the office of Pro Aurum company, which is engaged in the sale of precious metals. Designers constructed the Christmas tree out of 2,018 gold coins. The composition weighs 63kg. This expensive tree will be on display until December 15, TASS reports.
As for the ‘ugliest’ Christmas tree, residents of Rome are the most disappointed so far. The tree has been installed in the center of the city on Piazza Venezia, but journalists have already dubbed it ‘Spezzacchio’, meaning ‘broken’. The problem is that a few large lower branches were damaged when transporting the 20-meter spruce. The city hall tried to save situation, having cut off the damaged parts, but things got worse. There is a bald brush instead of the planned cone.
Last year, residents of Rome were also not happy with the Christmas tree dubbed ‘Spelacchio’ (meaning ‘baldy’), which was pronounced dead a week before Christmas.


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