Weather in Moscow: frost to return after warming

On Wednesday, December 5, the first winter thaw came to Moscow. At noon, the temperature increased to +1. A small heat wave was preceded by a low-activity atmospheric front that brought freezing drizzle. Glaze ice was observed in the morning, mainly in the western parts of Moscow.
© Leonid Ikan | shutterstock
On Thursday, Moscow will be in the cold front area with waves, and steady, moderate snow is expected. The snow depth will increase and reach 10cm. The temperature will drop below freezing, and there will be black ice on roads.
From Friday, the weather will be determined by an anticyclone from Europe that formed in the North Atlantic air mass. Some places will see occasional light snow. The temperature will continue to drop. Nighttime temperature is projected at −9 (up to −12 in the Moscow region) and daytime temperature at −3...-6.
Next week will see another thaw.


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