Weather in Central Black Earth Region: temperature fluctuations begin

The first days of calendar winter were snowy in the Central Black Earth Region. Last weekend, heavy snow (6-9mm of precipitation in 12 hours or less) was observed in the Belgorod region, some areas even saw blizzards. On Sunday, December 2, Voronezh had 6mm precipitation in liquid equivalent, and the snow depth increased to 7cm. It got significantly warmer (almost back to normal).
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The beginning of this week was cold. The temperature dropped to −14...-17 on clear nights. However, by the middle of the working week, a wave of warm and humid Atlantic air will approach from the west. The weather will become warm and wet. There is a chance of advection fog and precipitation in some areas. The precipitation will fall in different phases, including snow and supercooled rain or drizzle with the formation of glaze ice. Daytime temperatures will be about zero, while below-freezing temperatures are expected at night; roads and sidewalks will be slippery. Icicles may form on the roofs.
According to preliminary estimates, it will get significantly colder before the weekend, but a short-term decrease in temperature will be preceded by another thaw.


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