Weather in Moscow: daily snow and first winter thaw

In the first weekend of December, the winter reached new seasonal milestones. Thus, the lowest temperature was recorded on Saturday (up to −15 in Moscow and up to −23 in the Moscow region), while Sunday saw the greatest snow depth since the beginning of the season (7cm on Balchug).
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This week, the weather will remain unstable. It will be determined by fast-moving Western cyclones and anticyclones. Snow is expected every day (mostly light; moderate on Wednesday and Thursday). Wednesday morning will see freezing rain. The ice crust may be half a centimeter thick. The snow depth will increase to 10cm.
At the beginning of the week, the temperature will be within normal limits: up to −8 at night and −1...-3 during the day. Then, the first winter thaw will come. And at the end of the working week, temperatures will drop again: up to −10 in Moscow and up to −15 in the Moscow region.


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