Winter will return at the end of the week. The temperature will drop, and black ice will be observed on the roads.
On Thursday, the temperature started decreasing and dropped below freezing. It snowed, and black ice was observed on the roads.
More than half of the monthly norm of precipitation fell in some areas in one day.
The period was wet and ended with a February snow cover.
Santa-themed race took place in Spain. It is an annual tradition to help raise funds for the INTHEOS Foundation that supports people with cancer.
A total of 12 people were buried by the landslide. Rescuers managed to pull out 8 people, 5 of which are under supervision of doctors, while 3 people died.
Heavy precipitation and storm winds are expected in Crimea and the Black Sea region from Tuesday to Wednesday.
In the first half of the week, the weather in Moscow will be affected by the atmospheric fronts of the southern cyclone. Later on, it will get colder.
The weather will be cloudy and slushy, with frequent precipitation. There is a chance of black ice and heavy fog.
Office dress code has become less strict in recent years, but the rules regarding winter clothing are still there.
Using 25 years’ worth of satellite data from ESA, scientists have found out that the rate of ice loss in Greenland has accelerated.
Back then, 96% of all species in the oceans died.
This was announced by the California Building Standards Commission.
On Thursday, Moscow saw the heaviest snowfall since the beginning of the season (about 10cm).
A bear went into hibernation near a closed city in the Chelyabinsk region. The Emergency Situation Commission held a meeting because of the hibernating bear.
Experts, whose job it is to predict and report weather and the effects of natural disasters, have shared their secrets for successful flights during the cold season.
A large cold anticyclone has covered most of Siberia and the Far East and a part of Mongolia.
It seems that something absolutely incredible is happening somewhere between those mountains. But in fact, it is a space rocket launch.
The growth reached 8cm within one day. The total snow depth increased to 13cm.
The snow depth tripled and was the highest since the beginning of winter (14cm at VDNKh and 17cm on Balchug).
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