A scientist who first sounded the alarm about climate change and popularized the term «global warming» has died. Wallace Smith Broecker was 87.
Our active user and regular reader Tatyana Golovanova filmed an unusual phenomenon — clouds flowing down.
This season’s most powerful thaw was replaced by the hardest February frost.
This El Niño is very weak, and its impact on weather will be limited.
It’s time to have a cup of coffee in an outdoor cafe or enjoy the first ice cream.
A rough period of season change will bring huge weather contrasts to Central Russia.
On Sunday, February 17, the maximum temperature reached +5.3 and almost updated the sixty-year record.
This week, winter will win an overwhelming victory.
Winter and spring started fighting prematurely. This week will see a thaw of up to +4 and frosts of up to −15.
The results of a new study confirm that trees are our most powerful weapon to combat climate change.
Some areas may see westerly winds gusting to 20-25 m/s.
Winds will gust to 15-20 m/s. The temperature will remain close to zero.
It will be wet and windy at times.
The archipelago was hit by hurricane force winds and huge waves, and snowfalls were observed in some unusual places.
Overnight into February 13, supercooled rain was recorded in Voronezh at slightly below-freezing temperature.
The capital will remain a ‘winter wonderland’ for a couple of days, but there will be a thaw afterwards.
A third of the monthly norm of precipitation fell in one night.
Although greenhouse gases have been warming Earth for more than 100 years, the trend has accelerated and become particularly noticeable over the last 40 years.
A third of the monthly norm of precipitation (more than 10mm) will fall in six hours.
The average temperature was 6.3 degrees above normal, while the amount of precipitation was five times less than usual.
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