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Murmansk facing record warm weather and high fire risk
On May 23 and 24, the average daily temperature will be 7-8°C above normal.
23 May 13:42
St. Petersburg having warm but unstable weather
The average daily temperature will be 2-4°C above normal. There will be light to moderate rain and isolated thunderstorms.
23 May 13:32
Central Black Earth Region getting long-awaited rain
The third ten-day period of the month will try to make up for the precipitation deficit.
23 May 13:25
Rainy season begins in Moscow
Moscow is expected to receive up to half a month’s worth of rain from Monday to Wednesday.
23 May 13:10
Weekend in South European Russia: it’s not hot yet
There will be scattered showers and thunderstorms.
19 May 16:14
Weekend in Central Black Earth Region: it’ll get colder with scattered showers
Isolated thunderstorms are also possible.
19 May 16:00
Murmansk having better weather than Sochi
Murmansk will have the same temperature as Sochi (+20°C). The only difference is that Sochi will be hit by rain, while Murmansk will enjoy the sunshine almost around the clock.
19 May 15:35
Snowfall to bring third of month’s worth of precipitation to Irkutsk
Heavy snow and rain are expected to bring a third of a month’s worth of precipitation overnight into Saturday.
19 May 15:26
Zabaykalsky region to face snow and cold snap
At the same time, fire risk is still high in the region.
19 May 14:03
Nizhny Novgorod to have cold weather and rain
It will get colder over the weekend, with temperatures to drop by 5-7°C.
19 May 13:48
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