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In a video, residents of China show their frozen doors, windows, clothes and food, and conduct various experiments to demonstrate the degree of cold.
Overnight into Wednesday, December 12, the weather in Crimea deteriorated sharply.
Remote villages and settlements in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area have been cut off from the rest of the world because of the warm weather that interferes with winter vehicle crossings.
At least nine people were killed and dozens injured.
Three passengers were washed away by the wave, two of them managed to get to the shore, while the search for the third person continues.
Winter will return at the end of the week. The temperature will drop, and black ice will be observed on the roads.
On Thursday, the temperature started decreasing and dropped below freezing. It snowed, and black ice was observed on the roads.
More than half of the monthly norm of precipitation fell in some areas in one day.
In recent decades, Tehran’s groundwater aquifers are being rapidly depleted, which leads to the formation of voids.
Exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause sunburn and skin irritation, as well as eye burns and corneal damage, cataract and other diseases.
An image of the binary star LL (AFGL 3068) in the constellation Pegasus made users doubt whether the object in the photo was a galaxy or a nebula. This star system, located at a distance of 3,000 light years, was discovered by the Hubble telescope in 2010.
The largest snowflake was discovered in 1887. It was 38.1cm in diameter and 20.3cm thick.
One of the most spectacular meteor showers will peak overnight into Friday, December 14.
In 2006, Chris Barnes found a tiny kangaroo on the side of the road beside his dead mother, who was hit by a car.
About 360,000 people are expected to visit Krasnaya Polyana resorts during the holiday season.
The period was wet and ended with a February snow cover.
The data sent by the probe indicated that it had crossed the boundary of the solar system and reached interstellar space.
The reduction in the number of Russian crew members at the station from three to two is cited as the reason for an increase in overwork.
Santa-themed race took place in Spain. It is an annual tradition to help raise funds for the INTHEOS Foundation that supports people with cancer.
Have a look at the new images from Juno and try to find a dolphin in Jovian clouds.
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