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The Moon usually takes on a reddish hue during an eclipse, but two days ago astronomers witnessed a very beautiful phenomenon, when the disc of the Moon was turquoise blue.
It is known that three lakes on top of the Indonesian volcano Kelimutu on the island of Flores unpredictably change their color from milky white to bright turquoise and even to blood red.
When you look at the sky, you aren’t seeing objects as they are now; you’re seeing them as they were seconds, minutes, hours, or years ago.
On Monday, social media were filled with photos and videos of heavy snowfall in the capital. Check it out — it looks really amazing.
Early Monday morning, January 21, residents of almost the entire country witnessed the Super Blood Wolf Moon.
Ice is not only vanishing in the Western United States and Canada, but is also melting faster than it did a decade ago.
Two thaws made the period warm, and it saw slightly more than half the normal amount of precipitation.
In the image taken by Mike Mezeul you can see the shining Milky Way, the bright Moon, a meteor in the sky, and lava flowing from the Kilauea volcano to the ocean.
The entire week will be chilly, with the average daily temperature to deviate from the norm by 4 to 6 degrees.
In the middle of the week, the temperature in the region will drop below −20, and the snow depth will increase significantly, especially in the second half of the week.
Signs of seasonal rains were found in the images of the surface of Saturn’s moon.
Before the end of the storm, up to 25cm of snow is expected in Montreal, up to 30cm in the Beauce region, and up to 50cm in the Gaspé area.
Experts believe that since the tardigrades are land-dwelling, they may have gotten into the lake with river waters from the Transantarctic Mountains located 50 kilometers from the lake.
Residents of Wisconsin and Kansas died in car accidents.
Within two years of diving off the coast of California, American freedivers retrieved 50,000 golf balls weighing a total of 2.5 tons, from the ocean.
Astronomers analyzed data collected by Cassini at the end of its mission, and presented a new assessment of the age of Saturn’s rings.
The animals, also known as spectacled fruit bats, were unable to survive temperatures above 42°C.
Despite the high magnitude, the earthquake did not cause much damage.
In 2018, global ocean temperatures reached the highest levels in the history of measurements.
Liu Hanlong, the head of the lunar biological experiment, explained the death of the first sprouts in a container on the Moon.
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