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Chile’s Laguna de Aculeo has long been a popular destination for residents of Santiago, but by April 2019, all of the water was gone.
In general, the period was warm, and the amount of precipitation was close to normal.
When зollen grains accumulate in the air, they scatter sunlight, just like ice crystals or water droplets in the clouds.
This week, the mercury will rise to +20 for the first time this season.
New spring temperature records will be set this week.
This week, night frosts will disappear, and temperatures will rise to summer values.
The eruption was captured on video that quickly went viral.
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission recognized the fish as the largest swordfish caught in the state.
The fast moving object was captured on a dashcam. The footage shows a bright flash falling through the night sky.
More than 70 chicks have been born, which will increase the rare bird population severalfold.
Great white sharks (the largest predatory fish) are extremely dangerous to humans.
The earthquake was not felt by people, there were no complaints from residents of nearby settlements, and there was no risk of tsunami.
The experts say that the resulting model shows very clearly what dogs looked like in 2500 BC.
A beekeper said the hives were not affected by the fire because they are located about 30 meters below the main roof, where the fire spread.
On April 22, 2019, Earth Day is celebrated for the 49th time.
The zoo’s press service reported that a penguin parade would take place on April 25.
The church wall collapsed during an Easter service on Friday burying many people under the rubble.
On Thursday, the storm in the Southern United States killed two people in Mississippi and one in Alabama.
Marsh plants play a key role in the recovery of coastal ecosystems.
At first, the researchers thought it was a rare species of stalked ascidian.
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