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About us

Russian company MapMakers Group Ltd was founded in 1994 and is specialising in processing meteorological data for the Russian Hydrometeorological Centre and other similar state organisations. With the coming of Internet it has been decided to introduce weather forecasts to the wider audience and a first company weather site was launched in 1998. The site has quickly gained in popularity due to its high-quality informational context and in the last 10 years the number of its visitors has grown from less than 300.000 per month at the beginning to approximately 6.500.000 at the present time. Nowadays our forecasts cover more than 14.000 locations all over the world and this number is growing steadily.

Of course, such popularity growth would never have taken place if not for our hard work on improving the precision of meteorological forecasts, on creating new and modifying existing weather services in order to answer the changing needs of our visitors and on constantly adapting our site to the ever changing standards of the Internet community.

Several years ago we have launched our international sites – in Ukraine, in Lithuania and in Belarus. After their success it was decided that the time has come to bring our weather forecasts to the judgement of the European audience.